Sunday, 23 March 2014

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Back again with some more Paris scrapping.

The Treasury is inside of Notre Dame and it's where the treasures of the Church are stored and displayed.  It was an extra €6 each to get in, but it was well worth the money.  I say it lots, but the French sure know how to do luxury and decadence!  Rob and I had a bit of a chuckle too, as one of the robes on display had what looked like the Gay Pride stripes down the back.  I'm sure it must have had a different meaning for the church!

After looking through the inside of Notre Dame we took a stroll around the outside of the building. The photo of Rob shows the exterior of the Treasury of Notre Dame.  There is a lovely park at the rear which looks to be a favourite place for families that live nearby.  On the far side of Notre Dame we found the best crepes we had in Paris.  They were lovely and fresh and the two men that ran the stall were funny and friendly.  I wish I'd been cheeky enough to ask if I could take some photos of them making the crepes.  We went back there several times to have more yummy crepes when we were in the area.

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