Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wedding Guest Book Part 2


I'm back with the second half of the guest book I made for my neice and her husband for their wedding. The first half of the book is in the post before this - keep scrolling down to see it.

Aren't they a gorgeous couple?

I used my binding machine to hold the pages together. Given the amount of handling the book had to take I thought it was the best option.  I prettied it up by tying satin ribbon to the coils.  In black and white of course!

I used my white gel pen and Basic Black marker to draw a border around each of the pages. It's a nice effect and helps to keep the eye from sliding off the page.

The saying on this page was lifted directly from their invitations.  There were three more lines, but this was the final and most relevant to this album - "Our eternity begins here".

Of course, I had to put the photo of their backs on the back cover! To make the covers I covered some chipboard with the textured cardstock after I'd painted it. Nice and easy and gives the book more weight and stability. I also used some Window Sheets on the front and back to help protect the album.

I think that the only damage suffered was the loss of some of the ribbons on the spine.  Easy fixed!

Bye for now,



  1. Tina, the whole of the album is beautiful - your attention to detail is amazing. I am sure they will treasure this so much.

  2. All I can say Tina, is WOW! What an amazing gift of memories for the happy couple. Your albums are just amazing.