Monday, November 19, 2012

Desktop Easel Calendars


Apologies for the late post today - it's been a busy day!  I started the day at my disability support group, where twice a term I get asked to do some papercraft with the mums (and occasional dad too!).  I have been doing it for a while so I thought I'd challenge them this time with a 3D project.

I followed this tutorial by Connie Babbert, but I had to alter some of the measurements to make the project more cost effective for Australian A4 cardstock. The US A4 measurements are different to ours!

The calendars are unfinished for now, as the ladies will be adding photos and ribbons to them next week.  That works out well for me, as it means I don't have to blur out a whole lot of faces to protect the privacy of my friend's kids! The ladies enjoyed making them, and we'll be doing a second calendar next week.

Theses two were made by Danielle and Kari. Danielle got very creative with hers, so I think the other ladies were impressed and will get a bit more adventurous next week!

These ones were made by Anna, Sue, Cristy and Gemma.  Sue tried a few variations too!

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PS: Come back Saturday if you'd like my revised measurements!

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  1. They look terrific in such a range of colours. I bet the ladies had heaps of fun at that class.


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