Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teacher Gifts


Once again the kids decided at the last minute that they wanted to give their teachers a gift.  We had already given them a card and chocolate, but that wasn't quite enough apparently!

So I stamped on some tea light candles using one of the snowflake images from Snow Swirled, popped them in a gift box and tied it up with some ribbon.

 The kids chose four colour each for their teachers, so they ended up with 2 tea lights of each colour.  Alex chose feminine colours for his female teacher and Ada chose primary colours for her male teacher.

The best thing about stamping on tea lights is that you don't need the waxed paper - the wick holds the tissue paper in place for the heat gun.  Too easy!

Catch you later,



  1. Lovely gifts for the teachers, such a great technique

  2. What a lovely gift - that snowflake is the perfect size for a tealight candle. Good tip with the wick.


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